What types of media do you need?

While Books For Vets sells books online through Amazon to raise money, the truth is many books do not fit our business model or cannot be donated (no organization wants twenty copies of 50 Shades of Grey).  About 20% of donated books will be sold online, about 50% will be distributed directly to charitable organizations, and about 30% will be recycled.  


We are most in need of the following:

   + Recent textbooks (within the two last two editions)

   + Non-fiction books with a special emphasis on art, history, science, engineering, religion, education, cookbooks, and political science 

   + Recent fiction from the best-seller's list

   + DVDs, CDs, Video/Computer games, and VHS tapes (especially from the 70-90s)


We typically pay $1.00 for hardcover non-textbooks that we can resell and $0.25 for recent paperbacks.  Textbooks will be appraised on a case-by-case basis.  


There are exceptions, of course, depending on subject matter and condition, so bring us all of your books!


If you have bulk unsorted books by the pallet-load or truckload, give us a call.  We pay per pound or by the pallet.


We ALWAYS appreciate donations!  


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